Hello instafriends ! A happy weekend to all of you ! In my last post we talked…

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Hello instafriends ! A happy weekend to all of you ÔŁĄ !
In my last post we talked about Bazlama & its detailed recipe.Nows lets see how versatile this bread is –
Some of the ways one can use Bazlama are :

1) Use Bazlama to make your wraps, as its a very soft bread.
2) Stuff it with your favourite eggs & you have a yummy breakfast ready.
3) Stuff with herbs, roasted meats, dips , veggies & cheese, grill it & a yummy sandwich is done.
4) Serve them as a snack with some peanut butter & a little maple syrup or honey.
5) Cut Bazlama into wedges & simply serve with dips like hummus or tzatziki sauce.
6) While Bazlama is hot, spread over some butter sauteed garlic & it will taste like garlic naan.
7. Use Bazlama as a Pizza base .
8) Use Bazlama as a Pita Pocket & stuff in your favourite stuffings, like I did.
Very versatile isn’t it ­čśŐ

In frame is Bazlama (used as a Pita bread) pocket, stuffed with chicken, veggies & my favourite dips.

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